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During the past year, we have met and fed hundreds of people that really seemed to enjoy our food. We appreciate every one of you that would follow us around town to the different beer houses and events we attended. Thank you so much for your patronage!!!


At this time, we have decided to transition from our food trailer business to a Bakery called "Mestizo Bakery". Our focus will be on different forms of sourdough bread along with other yeast breads, and pastries like our Concha sweet bread. Our website with a menu will be active soon and located at


We still believe in making fresh food with no preservatives and our baked goods are no different. You order, we bake, we deliver.

We hope everyone is being safe during this situation the world is facing. We are taking precautions with everything we do to provide a safe product.


Thank you Tucson!!!   



No more scheduled locations


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Great memories are often paired with great food. Mestizo Sonoran Bistro is ready to cater to your event's needs.


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